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Tina Panariello


When she was eleven years old, she realized something was terribly wrong with the dynamic of the outer family members. Tina left this chapter out of her book due to the fact that the particular family member was still living and was protecting the family from shame.

My name is Tina Panariello and one day I thought of writing a motivational/inspirational autobiography. I am sure there are many of you who have faced some terrible situations and couldn’t find a way to move on, also wishing you could start a business, i.e. promote and sell your crafts, write and publish a book, higher education, get a better job or just get better at life-growing. POLISHED: FILING AWAY AT LIFE’S TRUTHS is a story that shares how I did it. I love to inspire other people to start and build their own business. It makes me feel proud to know “THAT NO ONE GAVE A DAMN ABOUT ME, BUT I GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU, AS YOU SHOULD GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOURSELF.”

I live by the words “I JUST DID IT” with no guidance, with a silent mentor, no professional schooling, in business that is, but I wanted what I wanted and I would like to share with you through my motivational/inspirational speaking on how I did it.

To learn more please contact me:

Phone number: 917-582-7602
e-mail: fancynail44@gmail.com
Or go to my contact page and send me a message.


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