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tina panariello

Tina Panariello wasn’t always a nail technician, hand-painted nail artist or even an author. It took Tina many years to perfect her talent. She started out being an executive secretary for a private bank in the Wall Street area and after talking to a friend at work, auditioned for the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York.

Tina changed jobs and started working for a brokerage firm, and while there auditioned for the play, “Cabaret”, taking the leading role as Sally Bowles. After three months, when Tina’s role in Cabaret was finished, she joined AFTRA, the American Federation of Theater and Radio Artists. She also formed her own theater group, The Carousel Players. While attending the Academy she learned how to apply professional makeup and has done makeup applications on many of her clientele, along with personal recommendations.

While raising her son Wayne, she always did her own nails which was admired by many women who always asked her if she was a professional nail technician. Taking those comments into consideration, she started reading and learning everything about nails including attending many events and shows. With her clientele rapidly growing she felt it was time to open her own salon, Nail Artistry by Tina.

Her accomplishments include many first, second and third place hand-painted Nail Art Competition Awards, judging Nail Art Competitions, Nail Art Educator for OPI, Show Hostess and Coordinator, Competition Director, MC, Decorating Coordinator, hand-painted Nail Art Educator and Demonstrator at several beauty shows and one week teaching a hand-painted Nail Art Seminar in San Juan, Puerto Rico and out-lying towns.

Tina is also an Interior Decorator, which includes, but not limited to, murals in several areas of the home i.e., painting a room to look like a garden, entrance hallways, vineyards in kitchens, kitchen cabinets, as well as television consoles, glassware, vases, wedding favors, and clothing.

Get to know more about Tina’s struggles, accomplishments, losses, and how she took the driver’s seat to enable her to chase her dreams and found her destiny and happiness.

Available at AMAZON.com and BARNES&NOBLE.com.

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