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Acrylic Hand-Painted Glass Art, Nail Art, Motivational Speaking, and More

Floral Gardens on Glass by Tina
Floral Gardens on Glass by Tina

Fantastic Art Work by Skilled Artist Tina Panariello

Tina Panariello is an accomplished artist who creates jaw-dropping artwork. Her exclusive nail art and glass paintings are in high demand amongst her customers. Apart from being an artist, Tina is an effective motivational speaker who empowers people. She is based in Brooklyn, New York, and is a multi-disciplined and multi-talented artist.

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If you are an art lover, you will surely fall in love with Tina Panariello’s paintings. She is a professional artist and the owner/creator/developer of Nail Artistry by Tina. Apart from doing nail art, Tina’s art extends to other mediums including glass, clothes, plastic glasses, flower vases, wine glasses, drinking glasses, mirrors, and more. If you need exclusive nail art or unique images for interior decoration, get in touch with Tina. You can send her an email or visit her gallery. 

Floral Gardens on Glass by Tina