My Book

It took Tina two years to write and publish her motivational autobiography Polished: filing away at life’s truths. This is a story about her life starting from when she was a little girl, from a low to middle income family on the lower East-side of Manhattan moving to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. She was one of two children. At the age of five she watched her mother being taken out of her house over a family friend’s shoulder, while she was standing in her crib watching and crying, being rushed to the hospital, (over her father’s shoulder talking about a hospital). Her mother was in the hospital for quite a while and then put into a convalescent home, that is what it was called at the time, she remained there for over a year but to Tina it felt like a lifetime. As a little girl she had dreams, but no one gave a dame about her dreams, instead, when the family played cards, during holidays and family get-together’s on Sundays, was left to fend for herself or in the living room to watch television alone. She grew up without direction. Her story takes you through the good, the bad and the ugly, of how she, through determination, strength, faith and will she choose her path. From Secretary, wife, mother, divorcee, actress, business owner, nail technician, hand-painted nail artist, educator and now a motivational speaker, how she accomplished most of her dreams, many followed after the release of her book and many more to come. She wrote this book because no one gave a damn about her, but to tell them, through her hard work and accomplishments, she gives a damn about them.

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