Nail Instruction Classes & Lectures

Teaching my hand-painted nail art is like a breath of fresh air. I have given a three day (six classes in total) instructional workshop at The Midwest Beauty Show, Chicago, Illinois. For two years I conducted my hand-painted nail art technique classes at The Nail Technology Institute, Patchogue, NY. For three years I taught my hand-painted nail art technique for OPI. I was commissioned to do a one-week hand-painted nail art seminar in Puerto Rico. I also teach my hand-painted nail art technique privately. My classes can be as small as one or as large as 20. A one day class is eight hours, from 9 to 6, with a one hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks.


Student benefits obtained from this flat nail art class:

  • Motivate enthusiasm which is an important ingredient in retailing nail artistry in the salon, by self-application. Nail artistry thrives best in an environment where it is visual and promoted on a day to day basis
  • Color blending to form flowers, leaves, stems, etc.
  • Brush strokes to form the petals of a flower
  • Various strokes to accentuate a flower
  • Flower clusters
  • Enhance advertising
  • Guidelines for pricing
  • Increased revenue

In addition to the benefits you will obtain, I will supply you with:

  • The art of proper brush cleaning
  • The types of paint I use in my nail technique
  • How to load a brush with more than two colors
  • Paper to practice on as well as nails
  • Three brushes and one stylus
  • Water to clean your brushes
  • Paper towels to blot your brushes
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Q-tips
  • Art booklet

For inquiries, please visit my contact page to leave your information and you will be contacted as soon as possible. Thank you!